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Exhaust gas and air systems

TM MASH has large experience in the design and manufacture of air ducts (tubes) and gas ducts (pipes) for power facilities and for various production lines. We can use your drawings in the production of air ducts. We can also develop drawings by our engineering Department.

When TM MASH is a designer ofany ducts we perform the following works:
• pressure losscalculations;
• thermal expansion calculations;
• calculations of loads on supports, construction of supports;
• choice of manufacturing material and thickness of pipelines depending on working environments (taking into account the increase in corrosion);
• development of drawings and installation instructions;
• selection of sealing elements;
• selection of shut-off and control valves;
• development of control algorithms for control and shut-off equipment;
• development and selection of mufflers and straightening devices.

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