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Waste heat recovery

TM MASH produce heat recovery systems (CHP modules) for diesel and gas generating sets (gensets) and micro turbines. CHP is a complex of thermal and mechanical devices which use waste heat and recovery this waste heat to warm water or another liquid.


When engines is working it’s produce waste heat. CHP recovers this heat:

  • Heat recovery jacket water exchanger produce heat from jacket water. Instead of cooling the antifreeze in the radiator it gives up its heat energy in warming the consumer water.


  • Exhaust gas heat exchangers produce use energy of high temperature exhaust gases to warm consumer water. Inlet temperature of exhaust gases in exchangers is above 550 °С. Outlet temperature of exhaust gases in exchangers is 120-180 °С.


If you use turbine engine you need only exhaust gas heat exchanger.


Usually thermal capacity of engine compile 120% of it’s electrical capacity.


Using CHP modules allow you increase efficiency of gensets or engines up to 85-90%. Main goal of heat recovery systems is to minimize costs for generating heat.

Тепловой модуль ТММ-ТМ для ГПУ FG Wilson   Тепловой модуль ТММ-ТМТМ.1350 для ГПУ Caterpillar G3516B    Тепловой модуль ТММ-ТМ.500 для ГПЭС Caterpillar G3412



CHP modules includes following parts:


    • Exhaust gas heat exchangers (UTG)
    • Heat exchanger of antifreeze (UTA)
    • Switcher of exhaust gas flow
    • Pipe manifold line antifreeze and consumer water
    • The bypass pipeline with valves
    • Base frame
    • Automatic control


Sometimes with CHP TM MASH also offer:

    • Pumps
    • Protective cover for the CHP when it mounts on open air
    • Consumer water  exchanger
    • Low noise muffler
    • Chimney


Our CHP modules have a lot of advantages:


  • Stainless steel tubes and some another parts of heat exchangers;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • The compensator mounts at the body of heat exchangers.  This compensator protects the heat exchanger from damage;
  • Low exhaust back pressure;
  • During the negotiation phase with the customer the layout of our thermal modules, we coordinate installation, mounting and size options. TM MASH produce CHP directly to each project;
  • All heat exchangers pass the hydraulic tests on every stage of manufacturing;
  • A flexible approach to the requirements and wishes of the customer
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